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Looking for a simple and easy way to manage all your NDIS funds under one roof? Our NDIS budgeting and financial planning services are just what you need to streamline everything in place.

As an NDIS-registered provider, our experienced plan managers can provide sound advice and all the support you need to navigate the complex NDIS domain. Be it managing certain aspects of your NDIS budget funds or complete NDIS financial plan management, we can help you make the right decision with NDIS fund management services, so that you are able to meet your short and long-term goals with ease.

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NDIS Support Services

What is the Importance of NDIS Funds Management?

It is necessary to manage your NDIS funds early on. This is so the person you are caring for gets all the services and support they need, such as specialist disability accommodation and supported independent living.

If the prospect of NDIS funds management is overwhelming for you, we will be happy to walk you through all the different options available to you. NDIS offers you three options to manage funds. Knowing their own advantages and disadvantages will allow you to make a choice that best fits your requirements, and allows you to get the support you need.

How Does Third-party NDIS Funds Management Differ from Self-Managed NDIS?

Self-managed NDIS funding is done by the individual without any support whereas in planmanaged fund management, the NDIS budgeting and financial planning is done through an agency or support provider. In the self-managed option, you have total control to choose the services and support you need, how you want them and when. While this offers great control and flexibility, there is much hassle involved.

 The self-managed option also needs an understanding of NDIS budget funds, their structure, and other financial intricacies and is best suited for those well-versed in fund management.

 With third-party NDIS funds management, you still can have total control of the services you choose, however you don’t have to worry about managing funds on your own as everything is taken care of by your plan manager. You have a dedicated professional to manage the funds on your behalf. This support provider works closely with you to develop a management plan while understanding your needs and goals and can allocate your funds simultaneously when necessary.

 All in all, plan manager-assisted NDIS funds management can be an excellent choice for those who need long-term, evolving support. Your trustworthy plan manager will work closely with you, educate you, and provide all the needed NDIS support services in line with your changing needs.


How a Plan Manager Can Help with NDIS Financial Management

A dedicated plan manager can assist with several activities regarding your NDIS budget funds. If you need information regarding a certain aspect of your financial plan, your manager can help you simplify and understand it. They can oversee the budget reports of your NDIS plan and provide relevant feedback for you to act upon. Put simply, a professional plan manager will let you know about your fund status and advise on the best step you can take to gain the most out of your NDIS funds.

Simply reach out to our experts at Synergy Plan Management to know more about third-party or self-managed options and let us assist you further. Our plan managers are experienced and will ensure you get the NDIS plan funding, you or your loved ones need to grow

Why Synergy Plan Management for NDIS Financial Management?

As a reputed NDIS plan management firm, Synergy Plan Management has been offering assistance and support to countless individuals in and around Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney and NSW with tailored NDIS fund management services.

We are proud to be one of Australia’s most knowledgeable and experienced NDIS financial plan management experts. Whether it’s financial advisory or looking after all aspects of your NDIS Plan budget, from processing invoices and handling your finances to managing your budget, we can do it all.

Knowing how challenging it can be to navigate NDIS funds management, we offer a simple, stress-free solution to help you maximise your funds. Our diligent consultants understand the system’s complexities and the challenges you may face with NDIS and plan management.

By working closely with you we can provide you with the highest level of NDIS managed services, ensuring you are able to live with more independence and freedom to do the things you want to do. More than being a plan manager, we’ll partner with you and help you achieve your goals, so you live your best life.

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