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YOU have a choice in the way your NDIS budget funds can be managed
NDIS participants can choose how to manage the funding for the supports in their plan. This includes managing the financial transactions and paperwork involved with accessing the supports that form your plan.    
Choosing how to manage your NDIS budget is an important decision. You can choose to have your plan: 
Managed by an NDIS registered Plan Manager, such as Synergy Plan Management: Benefit: Full choice and control and no time spent consuming paper work or stress
Self-managed Benefit: Full choice and Control but full responsibility of paying bills and paperwork
Agency-managed (National Disability Insurance Agency, NDIA)
Benefit: limited paperwork but limited choice and control
NDIS budget funds
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I want to use Synergy Plan Management

Great, there are a few ways you can get plan management included in your NDIS plan. You can make a plan management request when your plan is being initially prepared, or during any period of time for which your plan is in effect.  For example:

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If you are in the beginning of the process of obtaining NDIS funding, simply advise the NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC), that you request to have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan.

Request a Plan Review to change how your Plan is managed

Request to include Synergy Plan Management at your planning meeting

Once your funding has been approved then you can Register with us For Plan Management

If you already have NDIS funding and a plan in place, but do NOT have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included, you can request the NDIA for a plan review to change the way your plan funds are managed.
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